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Chapter 4

Ideal machine

100% efficiency


fixed point that a lever rotates around

Compound Machines

combination of simple machines


acts as the fulcrum when bending your arm

Wheel & Axle

door knob




block & tackle

Inclined Plane

sliding board




light bulb

3 Ways Machines Make Work Easier

1. changing the amount of force you exert. 2. the distance over which you exert force. 3. the direction in which you exert force.


1. force must be applied to object
2. object must move same direction as force

100 % Efficiency?

Not possible - some work is wasted due to friction

Great Pyramids

simple machines: wedges & inclined planes

W = Force x Distance

50 N box pushed 10 meters
W = 50 x 10; W = 500 N/M

P = W/T

takes 10 sec. to move the box
P = 500/10; P = 50 W

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