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Mandibular Forceps

#151-sometimes called the "universal" forceps, for they can be used on any mandibular teeth. They were specifically designed to be used for extraction of the premolars


also are mandibular forceps-used for lower incisors, because of the handle design, it's easy to break off teeth with this forceps. The operator must establish a fulcrum low on the root to prevent breaking

Maxillary Forceps

#150-another called "universal" forceps for the maxillary teeth. Again, this forcep was designed for extraction of the upper premolars


are also for maxillary forceps-perfect for extraction of the maxillary central incisors


#301-an inclined plane elevator, used to tease out roots or displace them, comes in a larger size, #34 & #46. One of the most commonly used groups of elevators

Potts Elevator

a very specialized instrument, used for the removal of impacted third molars

Root Tip Picks

come in various sizes, used for removal of root tips. Not much force can be used with these. Can be used separately or in pairs


these are bone cutting instruments. They come in various styles, mostly either end-cutting or side cutting


primarily intended for curettage or granulomas or cysts. Available in a number of sizes

Bone File #12

used for final smoothing of bone. NOT gross reduction of bone which is better accomplished with the ronguers

Surgical Mallet

used in conjunction with various chisels. Should have a nylon head covering to soften blows

Periosteal Elevator

used for tissue retraction and severing the gingival attachment

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