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Growth and development - Infant

Foundation of nursing chapter 9
The time from birth to 1 month of age is called?
Teeth begin to erupt at what age of infancy?
4 - 6 months
According to Piaget, thinking during the first few months is primarily based on?
sense and action
The first socializing agent for the child is what?
What word the describes the direction of growth beginning at the head and moving to the lower extremities or feet is?
Following fertilization the newly formed structure is known as?
According to Erikson, when the infant is cuddled, fed, and loved, the infant will develop what?
Two year old mark's negative behavior is normal for his age. It is helping him to meet his need for?
What is the name of the period of cognitive development when the childs knowledge comes about through sensory impressions?
What is the definition of development?
Progress towards mature abilities
What is the major cause of death in infants?
Which of the senses is present and fully developed at birth?
What is the name of the space between cranial bones which is present at birth and usually closed between 12 and 18 months?
Frontal anterior closure
When an infant turns it head when something touches it mouth or cheek is called what reflex?
rooting reflex
The term fetus is given at what stage of development during pregnancy?
last stage before birth
What does the word acculturate mean?
change to meet culture standards
What is the first indicator of dehydration in an infant?
dry diaper, dark green/black stool of early neo-nate
What is meconium?
dark green/black stool of early neo-nate. (first poop)
What is the meaning of bonding?
building a mutual relationship
Actions that require large muscle are?
gross motor
Actions that require small muscle are called?
fine motor
What is the definition of conception?
beginning of pregnancy
What is the term for the stage of infancy according to Erickson?
trust vs. mistrust
What are the two major factors that influence growth and development?
When an infant gains control of movement what is developed?
neurological system
Erickson is known as what type of therapist?
What is the general rule for the number of words a child can put together?
number of words in an average response usually responds to the chronological age
In what life cycle is sleep in large quantities necessary?
What are the dangers of putting a child to bed with a bottle?
The new born is capable of digesting which nutrients?
fats, proteins and carbs
What is considered the perfect food for infants
Brest Milk
If medical personal are suspicious of child abuse what is their responsibility?
report it
If medical personal do not report suspected child abuse what are the legal ramifications?
be fined
What are the signs of underfeeding an infant?
lack of satisfaction, cranky, fussy. little weight gain and wrinkling of skin
What are the signs of overfeeding an infant?
vomiting after eating and frequent watery stools
Full term infants have enough iron in there system until what age?
5-6 months
What are the ways an infant can move from one area to another in order?
What are the average vital signs of an infant?
How does an infant learn?
action are memorized and repetition
What is the definition of schema?
innate knowledge structure that allows a child to organize his or her mind
What are the rules for introduction of solid food to the infant?
One food at a time, Cereals first, then fruit and veggies, and meat last. Avoid mixing foods
When a child is separated from their parents and receives no response to their crying and protesting, may give up and experience?