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1st Amendment

Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of assembly, and Freedom of petition

2nd Amendment

Right to bear arms

3rd Amendment

The Government can't force you to house soldiers during peace time

4th Amendment

No unreasonable searches/ seizures without probable cause

5th Amendment

Must have indictment, No double jeopardy, remain silent, due process (follow legal procedures, reasonable laws), Fair eminent Domain

6th Amendment

Know the charges, jury trial, speedy public trial, impartial jury, trial same place as crime, hear witnesses, and have a lawyer

7th Amendment

Allows you to sue someone for damage

9th Amendment

Any right not listed people have

10th Amendment

powers RESERVED to states (limits federal government)

The Establishment Clause

The Government can't establish or favor on religion over another.

The Free Exercise Clause

We must be able to exercise our faith.


written limit


words that you say that are wrong to knowingly damage someone's reputation

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