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About Food Matters?
organization that works toward improving the quality of and access to healthy food and facilitating public education on food safety, and other food issues.

You have a number of projects that involve community partnerships both urban and rural including community assessments, youth outreach and improving local menus.
Looking for?
Learn new skills, enhance what skills I have, friendly environment with good people, to develop working relationships.
organized and great planner - like to prep so I dont waste time, Im a great researcher and tend to seek out as much resources as I can, and I like to learn about new technologies and gain new skills to apply to my work.
Improvisation while speaking in public, like to gain more confidence speaking candidly without a script.
Why Hire you?
Recent graduate who not only has experience in an office setting but also likes to learn new skills to be more effective at my job. I also have an understanding of food safety issues, as well as some understanding of water and rural issues.
Tell us about yourself
grew up in Misipawistik, Grand rapids, joined katimavik, worked in hometown until I left for university in another province. I transferred to U of MB in 2009 and most recently graduated.
What did you learn in Food safety?
We talked about:
- food spoilage
- foodborne illnesses (bacteria, parasites, fungi)
- preserveration
- Water activity
- producing new products
- agrochemicals
- traceability in food systems
- Genetically modified foods, etc.