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  1. example of homologous structure
  2. Malthusian Parameter
  3. reproductive isolation
  4. example of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
  5. convergent evolution
  1. a populations should expand exponentially but they don't
  2. b the wing of a bird and a person's arm
  3. c the ability to mathematically detect whether evolution is occurring in a population
  4. d when fertilization or embryonic development is prevented or sterile offspring are produced
  5. e when organisms not closely related independently evolve similar traits

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  1. preserved remains or traces of previously living organisms
  2. when differences in courtships, appearance, chemicals or vocalizations prevent reproduction
  3. when populations are prevented from mating due to rivers, oceans, mountains, continental drift, etc.
  4. rabbits being hit by cars in the countryside
  5. a mule produced from a donkey and a horse is sterile

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  1. ontogeny -> recapitulates -> phylogenythe duplication or translocation of a segment of DNA within the genome


  2. example of convergent evolutionbirds and bats flying


  3. coevolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  4. homologous structurethe wing of a bird and a person's arm


  5. survival of the fittestwhen members of a population have different traits that are passed on genetically to offspring