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  1. natural selection
  2. gene rearrangement
  3. disruptive selection
  4. temporal isolation
  5. ontogeny
  1. a when members of a population are prevented from mating because they have different mating seasons
  2. b the duplication or translocation of a segment of DNA within the genome
  3. c the environment creates selective pressures that influence which organisms survive and reproduce to pass on their own genes
  4. d the steps of embryonic development of an organism
  5. e when natural selection favors the extremes

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  1. the wing of a bird and a person's arm
  2. when fertilization or embryonic development is prevented or sterile offspring are produced
  3. a rapid, sharp decrease in many species
  4. a body part with the same basic structure and embryonic origin as that of another organism, though not necessarily the same in function
  5. the process by which new types of organisms arise

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  1. behavioral isolationwhen differences in courtships, appearance, chemicals or vocalizations prevent reproduction


  2. heritable variationwhen members of a population have different traits that are passed on genetically to offspring


  3. fossila change in the DNA sequence by changing, adding, or deleting one or a few nucleotides


  4. convergent evolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  5. phylogenythe steps of embryonic development of an organism