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  1. survival of the fittest
  2. example of adaptive radiation
  3. coevolution
  4. behavioral isolation
  5. ontogeny
  1. a the variety of species of Darwin's finches
  2. b when differences in courtships, appearance, chemicals or vocalizations prevent reproduction
  3. c when an organism has traits that allow it to survive and reproduce better than others
  4. d the steps of embryonic development of an organism
  5. e when two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother

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  1. rabbits being hit by cars in the countryside
  2. when traits are acquired by an organism during its lifetime and are passed on to its offspring
  3. when natural selection favors the extremes
  4. when several very different groups of organisms are produced from a common ancestor by natural selection
  5. a rapid, sharp decrease in many species

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  1. speciationa change in the DNA sequence by changing, adding, or deleting one or a few nucleotides


  2. gene rearrangementthe recombination of different genes within the genome


  3. struggle for survivalthe fraction of different forms of a given gene in all of the members of a population


  4. Malthusian Parameterpopulations should expand exponentially but they don't


  5. reproductive isolationwhen natural selection favors the extremes