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  1. speciation
  2. temporal isolation
  3. example of natural selection
  4. gene shuffling
  5. example of disruptive selection
  1. a the process by which new types of organisms arise
  2. b the same genetic code for all living species
  3. c when members of a population are prevented from mating because they have different mating seasons
  4. d gray rabbits are easily detected in front of black or white rocks
  5. e the recombination of different genes within the genome

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  1. when populations are prevented from mating due to rivers, oceans, mountains, continental drift, etc.
  2. the wing of a bird and a person's arm
  3. birds and bats flying
  4. a mule produced from a donkey and a horse is sterile
  5. the steps of embryonic development of an organism

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  1. mass extinctiona rapid, sharp decrease in many species


  2. coevolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  3. example of Hardy-Weinberg equilibriumthe variety of species of Darwin's finches


  4. stabilizing selectionwhen natural selection weeds out the extremes


  5. phylogenythe history of organismal lineages as they change through time