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Based on the Cancer Quiz. Use to study for the biology final.


all cancers are caused by


the programmed death of a cell


cancer of white blood cells


the most prominent cause of lung cancer

mutates DNA

UV light is a major cause of skin cancer because

lung cancer

the type of cancer which causes the most deaths in the US is

5 to 7 mutations

cancers usually occur after

directly related

age and cancer are

hepatitis B

the condition which is highly associated with liver cancer is

United States

the country that has the highest incidence of breast cancer


common tumor suppressor to mutate and cause cancer, not an oncogene


a substance that causes cancer

chemical signals

normal cells know when to stop dividing from


the movement of cells from a primary tumor to another site in the body is


growth of new blood vessels at a tumor site

tumor suppressor gene

put mitosis on hold, signal apoptosis when cell is damaged, block loss of contact inhibition to prevent metastasis, when mutated they uncouple DNA repair from cell divison

cancer gene

oncogene, stability gene, tumor suppressor gene

lifespan of cell

regulated by telomeres, DNA repair, mitotic mismatch, cell receptors


associated with signal transduction


when cells divide uncontrollably and begin to appear abnormal

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