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Croisé devant

crossed front

head of croisé devant

turned 1/4 front, inclined back

à la quatrième devant

to the fourth front

head of à la quatrième devant


écarté devant

pulled apart or separated front

head of écarté devant

turned 1/2 front, raised, inclined back

effacé devant

shaded front

head of effacé devant

turned 1/4 front, inclined back

à la seconde

to the second

head of à la seconde




head of épaulé

inclined over the front arm

à la quatrième derrière

to the fourth back

head of à la quatrième derrière


Croisé derrière

crossed back

head of croisé derrière

turned 1/4 front, inclined front

front side front

pas de bourrée devant

back side back

pas de bourrée derrière

back side front

pas de bourrée under

front side back

pas de bourrée over

bk ft 5th 4th frt 5th moving frwd

pas de bourrée en avant

frt ft 5th 4th bk 5th moving bkwd

pas de bourrée en arrière

front side back turning

pas de bourrée over en tournant

back side front turning

pas de bourrée under en tournant

5 things that make a step happen

posture, placement, timing, level, body usage

5 actions of the feet

roll up, roll down, brush out, brush in, flick under

cecchetti walls and corners


vaganova walls and corners


open, same arm front as standing leg (erect)

cecchetti/vaganova first

open, opposite arm as standing leg (inclined)

cecchetti/vaganova second

open, both arms front (inclined)

cecchetti third

croisé/plié, opposite arm front as standing leg (erect)

cecchetti fourth

croisé/plié, both arms front (inclined)

cecchetti fifth

croisé/opposite arm as standing leg (erect)

vaganova third

croisé, same arm front as standing leg (inclined)

vaganova fourth

3 kinds of releases

straight to straight, straight to plié, plié to plié

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