Quiz #1: Chapters 1 and 2

The Indian empire that dominated modern Mexico at the time of the Spanish conquest was the:
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Spaniards seldom intermarried with the Native Americans. T/FFalseToday it is generally believed that there were fewer Native Americans when the Europeans arrived than there were a century later. T/FTrueAccording to the theory of mercantilism, a nation could be made strong by:exporting more than importedMercantilism was a theory that discouraged nations from having colonies. T/FFalseIn matrilineal Indian and African societies:woman played a major, often dominate, roleThe African slave trade began:in the fifteenth century, soon after the Spanish conquest.Of the more than 8,500 settlers who came during Virginia's first seventeen years, more than 80 percent either abandoned the colony or died. T/FTrueWhich of the following was not an English incentive for colonization? to escape religious strife at home to bring the Christian religion to the Indians to escape the economic transformation of the country to find new markets for the English products.to bring the Christian religion to the IndiansThe Navigation Acts increased the authority of the crown and decreased that of local governments. T/FTrueThe country that produced the mist successful fur trader and trappers was:FranceThe first permanent English settlement was:Jamestown, VirginiaThe most important Native American crop brought back by the Europeans was squash. T/FFalseEuropeans felt justified in their treatment of the Indians because they considered the Indians uncivilized savages. T/FTrueIn the end, Jamestown's survival was largely result of:agricultural technologies by the Indians and borrowed by the English.England's first experience with colonization was Virginia. T/FTrue