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Hundred Years' War


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War between France and England fought in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Allegedly sparked by a dispute over French royal succession.
Hundred Years' War
Other causes for the war include:
the clash of French and English interests in Flanders, an area whose cloth-making industry relied on England for wool, and the status of Aquitaine and Ponthieu.
Describe the first period of the war.
initial English victories from 1338 to 1360.
Describe the second period of the war.
French resurgence, then stalemate from 1369 to 1415.
Describe the third period of the war.
A wild denouement with tides rapidly shifting from 1415 to 1453.
During the first period, Edward landed in France on what was more a marauding expedition than a campaign of conquest. Philip pursued the English and finally overtook them at
Crecy in 1346
What event kicked off the third period of the war?
Henry V of England invaded France and shattered the French army at Agincourt in 1415.
The intervention of what peasant girl saved the Valois Dynasty?
Joan of Arc
What was the driving force behind Joan of Arc's decision to take an active part in the war?
She was convinced that heavenly voices were ordering her to rescue France.
What were some of the effects of the war?
the war accelerated change; it stimulated the development of firearms, and it helped develop a soldier superior to the mounted knight; it introduced wars of attrition.
What were some effects the war had on the English government?
more revenue through taxation; Parliament had been strengthened at the expense of royal power.
What were some effects the war had on the French government?
increased taxation enhanced the power of the of the monarchs while weakening the Estates General; the royal government was served by standing professional army - the first in any European country since the fall of the Roman Empire.
What was the purpose of the two factions, the Lancastrians and the Yorkists civil wars in England during the War of the Roses?
Both desired to seize the throne due to Henry VI's mental instability.
What was the two factions that fought over continuation with the war against England?
the Armagnacs (in favor) and the Burgundians (not in favor)