10 terms

Mahabharata: Sibi

what two birds were in the story of sibi?
dove and hawk
does sibi keep his promise to the dove?
sibi's duty
protect his country, serve as a role model for his country
hawk's duty
feed himself and his family
how do sibi and the hawk's duties conflict?
the kind wanted to protect the doce and save his life, while the hawk wanted to kill the dove to feed his family
how does sibi first attempt to resolve his conflict with the hawk?
sibi tries to change the talking points of the conversation
how does sibi protect the dove?
sibi sacrifices his own flesh
what happens when sibi steps on the scale?
he equalized the two pans
what is the meaning of the event when sibi steps on the scale and the pans equal out?
no life is less significant than another's
what do the values suggest about the purpose of the story?
keeping one's word is important