10 terms

bounds chapter 5

the religious and political center of teh life of the Jewish people
those chosen by Jesus and sent to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all people
what is a Jubillee year?
is celebrated every 50 years, all debts were forgiven and cancelled
what is the meaning of the word Apostle?
one that is sent
what is the symbol for Luke the Evanglist
a winged ox
what is the importantance of the city of Jerusalem in Luke's gospel?
is a symbol for the poeple of Jerusalem
who is eligaable for Gods salvation
what is the theme of Lukes Gospel
lost people & lost things
what is the message fo the gospel of Luke and
Acts of the Apostle?
to give God and give life
how old is Jesus annoce his ministry
he annoced his public minisrty in Jerusalem