25 terms


Acceptable Use Policy
rules or guidelines to help protect a user of the internet
Attachment or Attached File
afile added to an e-mail. it could be a picture or even a virus
stands for web log. It is a personal or a site without commercials that are updated frequently and are on one topic
a program such as Internet Explorer that displays a web page
a downloadable file by websites that store information on your browser
stands for electronic mail. A program that lets a person send messages to another person's email
an image or special text designed like a shortcut to go straight to a web page (possibly containing sounds, videos,pictures, etc)
a device (internal or external that allows computer to communicate with each other by giving signals that go through telephone lines
the network of connections between computers all over the world, allowing trade and communicatin between anyone with internet capability
Internet service provider
a company that provides the internet usage to a modem, connected to a computer
the coded language for creating documents on the world wide web
the method computers communicate on the world wide web
Home page
the page that is shown when the browser is first opened, or the main page of a web site
a group of files available to be seen on the world wide web
Domain name
a main name of a website, the part of the web address before .com and after http://www.
using the Local Area Networks to send and receive information to and from all over the globe
Uniform resource locator
the address of the website or web page for the internet, key to display a web page or website
the phrase used to recognize someone using the program. Things such as e-mail require a usernam
Video Conferencing
talking using the internet, phone lines, or a camera. This allows people to talk far apart, hearing, speaking, and seeing someone using special programs on an electroic device containing a camera
a live videotaping or recording over the internet
the ability to connect wirelessly
World wide web
intrnet sections that allow user to see graphics, text, etc
this allows you to send a printed document over a phone line to another person with a fax machine(and phone line) and the receiving fax machinge will print exactly what the sending fax machine sent
a website that people can change freely, it's a web page of information
to put information from a disk, CD, internet, other computers, and more onto a computer