Expel Parasite Herbs

Herbs 3, Five Branches University, Fall 2014, Raqib
Da Suan (Allii sativi bulbus)
Garlic Bulb
Li, LU, SP, ST

Kills parasites: HW and PW, Tinea of scalp
Disperse abscesses and reduces swelling: early stage sores and abscesses (internal and external)
Resolves toxicity and kills parasites: Tinea and other puritic rashes
Warms the Stomach, Strengthens the Spleen, Promotes the Movement of Qi, Reduces Stagnation and Resolves Toxicity: diarrhea and dysentaric disorders from epidemic toxicity or food stagnation

CC: Yin Xu Heat, skin irritant, do not ingest if problems of the mouth, tongue or throat; topical application to perianal area or enemas are contraindicated in pregnancy
Nan Gua Zi (Cucurbitae moschatae semen)
Sw N
Li, ST

Expel parasites and alleviate pain: TW and RW, Schistomiasis
Insufficient lactation

CC: toxicity side effects (1 anaphylactic shock reported)
Guan Zhong (Cyrtomii Rhizoma)
LV, LU, Li

Clears heat and resolves toxicity: Wide variety of toxic problems (influenza, maculae from heat, breast abscess, dysentary)
Cool blood and dispel stasis: vomiting blood, blood in stools, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, hemorrhoidal bleeding
Kills intestinal parasites

CC: pregnancy, do not overdose; toxicity side effects
Fei Zi (Torreyae Semen)
Sw, N
Li, LU, ST

Kills parasites without injuring Sp/St Qi
Kills parasites and reduces accumulation: wide variety of intestinal parasites (TW, PW, HW, RW, flukes)
Moisten intestines, unblocks bowels
For constipation accompanied by hemorrhoids
Moistens Lungs and stops cough: for mild cough due to dry lungs
when chewed well with husks it reduces phlegm
recommended to be eaten directly in classical texts

CC: patients with loose stools, cough from hot phlegm in the Lungs, pregnancy; No Mung Beans because it will reduce efficacy.
Shi Jun Zi (Quisqualis Fructus)
Sw W

treats childhood nutritional impairment
round worms and pin worms
Strengthens Spleen, Dissolves Accumulations
CNI and abd distention, poor appetite, weak constitution

CC: if taken with hot tea may cause diarrhea and belching; overdose causes belching, vomiting and dizziness
Ku Lian Pi (Meliae Cortex)

Primarily for infestation of roundworms, hookworms and pinworms; also Vaginal Trichonomas and Candidia
Topical for tinea
used as a wash or powder paste with vinegar
Clears Damp Heat

CC: long term use, Liver or Heart disease, pregnancy
CAUTION: weak constitutions, SP/ST Xu, peptic ulcers, anemia
Bing Lang (Arecae Semen)
Li, ST

Yang Ming Herb
Best for treating tape worms
wide variety of intestinal parasites (blood flukes, pw, rw, fasciolopsis)
Promotes movement of Qi, Reduces Accumulations and Leads Stagnation out by mildly draining down and unblocking bowels: food acumulation and stagnant qi with abdominal distention, constipation or tenesmus
Promotes urination: damp leg qi and edema due to excess
Malarial disorders

Caution: cases of collapsed middle qi