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Physical evidence
The term ____ encompasses all objects that can establish whether a crime has been committed or can link a crime and its victim or its perpetrator.
True or false: Scientific evaluation of crime-scene evidence can usually overcome the results of a poorly conducted criminal investigation.
True or false: The techniques of physical evidence collection require a highly skilled individual who mist specialize in this area of investigation.
All unauthorized personnel must be ____ from crime scenes.
photography, sketching, notes
Three methods for recording the crime scene are ____, ____, and ____
The most important prerequisite for photographing a crime scene is to have it in a(n) _____ condition.
Photographs of physical evidence must include overviews as well as ____ to record the details of objects.
An investigator need only draw a(n) ____ sketch at the crime scene to show its dimensions and pertinent objects.
A detailed search of the crime scene for physical evidence must be conducted in a(n) _____ manner.
Besides the more obvious items of physical evidence, possible ____ of trace evidence must be collected for detailed examination in the laboratory
Clothing; fingernail scrapings; head and pubic hairs; blood; vaginal, anal, and oral swabs; bullets; hand swabs
In cooperation with the medical examiner or coroner, evidence retrieved from a deceased victim to be submitted to the crime laboratory should include _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, ______, and _____.
is not
Whenever possible, trace evidence (is, is not) to be removed from the object that bears it.
Each item collected at the crime scene must be placed in a(n) ______ container.
True or false: An ordinary mailing envelope is considered a good general-purpose evidence container.
is not
An airtight container (is, is not) recommended packaging material for blood-stained container.
As a matter of routine, all items of clothing are to be ____ before packaging.
True or false: Charred debris recovered from the scene of an arson is best placed in a porous container.
chain of evidence
The possibility of future legal proceedings requires that a(n) _____ be established with respect to the possession and location of physical evidence.
standard/reference sample
Most physical evidence collected at the crime site will require the accompanying submission of ____ material for comparison purposes.
warant list
In the case of Mincey v. Arizona, the Supreme Court restricted the practice of conducting a(n) ____ search at a homicide scene.
arson or fire
In the case of Michigan v. Tyler, the Supreme Court dealt with search and seizure procedures at a(n) ____ scene.