Chapter 7- Issues of the Gilded Age

Jim Crow Laws
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Ida B. WellsBlack woman who fought for rights of African Americans using a newspaper called Free SpeechChinese Exclusion ActProhibited Chinese laborers from entering the countryYick Wo vs HopkinsA case that challenged a CA law that banned Chinese from operating laundry. The Supreme Court sided with the Chinese immigrantTreaty of Guadeloupe HidalgoGuaranteed property rights of Mexican Americans who lived in southwest prior to warSanta Fe RingAn association of prominent whites who got the federal government to grant the group control of acres of land in New MexicoLas Gorras BlancasGroup of Mexicans that targeted the property of large ranch owners. They fought to protect Mexican American rightsAlianza Hispano-AmericanaAssociation to protect the culture, interests, and legal rights of Mexican AmericansSusan B. AnthonyWomens' rights activist who spent most of her life trying to earn women the right to vote. Her and Elizabeth Stanton formed the National Women Suffrage AssociationElizabeth Cady StantonWomens' rights activist who worked with Susan B. AnthonyFrances WillardLed the Women's Christian Temperance Union and supported womens' suffrageTemperanceBan of the sale of liquorReconstructionThe period following the Civil War of rebuilding the U.S.Spoil SystemPractice of giving government positions to to political supporters, rather than those who are actually qualified (bribe system)Grover ClevelandPresident known for his integrity and not taking bribesMark TwainWriter who expressed concerns over corruptionCivil ServiceSystem that includes federal jobs in the executive branchChester A. ArthurBecame president after Garfield was assassinated. Supported Civil Service reformPendleton Civil Service ActCaused people to have to take a test in order to get a government jobTariffTax on imported goodsMonetary policyDisputes concerning the gold standard were dealing with:Gold standardGovernment would use gold as the basis of the nation's currencyInflationRise in pricesCoinage Act of 1873Law reserved the government policy of making both gold and silver coinsPopulist PartyThird party group comprised mostly of farmersOliver H. KelleyFound the Grange organizationGranger MovementNetwork formed by groups of farmersTom WatsonGeorgia's most famous Populist Party leaderWilliam Jennings BryanYoung lawyer who was nominated by democrats and was supported by the PopulistsWilliam McKinleyRepublican Candidate who ran against Bryan twice and won both times