Chapter 7: Issues of the Gilded Age

Jim Crow laws
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Pendleton Civil Service ActLaw that created a civil system for the federal government in an attempt to hire employees on a miret system rather than a spoils systemGold standardPolicy of designating monetary units in terms of their value in gold. Bankers worried that abandoning in the economy would be weakenedOliver H. Kelly (founder of spurs player organization)Founder of the granger movement; hoped to encourage farmers to feel their labor were "honorable" and "farming" was the highest calling on earthGrange(farm)Organization that provided education on new farming techniquesPopulist PartyGrass roots political movement that ran slates of "farm friendly "candidates"; lost power after the election of William McKinley in 1896William Jennings Bryan(Silver standerd)Democratic presidential candidate who advocated "free silver" in the 1896 electionWilliam McKinley (96r)Republican candidate who won the 1896 presidential electionWhat was the African-American response to segregation?To educate them selves and writing anti-segregation pamphletsWhich U. S. president of the Gilded Age was known for his integrity?(ethan mcloud)Grover ClevelandWhat caused the debt increase of the farmer following the Civil War?Falling crop pricesTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- When was it signed?1848; treaty ending the Mexican American war. Guaranteed property rights of Mexican Americans. Living in the American southwestChinese Exclusion Act- When did it become law1882; prohibited Chinese labors from entering the country; whites accused Chinese workers of taking "white jobs"Why did farmers oppose the gold standard?(wheat V)Would cause crop prices to declineWhat did Farmers Alliance set up? Why?(N0F)Network of farmers, organization that worked for political & economics reforms in late 1800's. Established postal banks to provide law internet loansName the group of Americans that were not allowed to vote in the late 1800's.WomenAccording to Republicans, how would high tariffs affect the economy?Would allow American Industries to growName the three Midwestern states that set maximum rates for shipping.(lil boat, meg, Cubs)Illinois, Minnesota, WisconsinWhy did Du Bois and Washington disagree?(priv)De Bois didn't believe that the right to vote was a privilege that blacks needed to earn. Washington believed that blacks needed to accommodate them selves to segregationCoinage Act of 1873Reversed the government policy of making both god and silver coinsAccording to the populist party, ______ would raise crop prices(not tarrifs nickel)Coinage of "free silver"Thomas NastPolitical cartoonist who worked to expose the illegal activist of "boss tweed"Why did the Populist Party lose power?The 1896 election of William McKinley"Boss" TweedPowerful New York City politician who's illegal activist were exposed in a series of Thomas Nast CartoonistFredrick DouglassFamous black leader who stated in a speech in 1883, that blacks had not yet realized their mopes for equality 20 years after the emancipation proclamation had been issued.Fifteenth Amendment1870; prohibited state government form denying someone the right to vote because of "color, race, or previous condition of servitude"Mark TwainCo-Author of "The Gilded Age"Chester A. ArthurU.S. President; assassination of Hanes. A. Garfield caused him to pursue Civil Service ReformWhat were the goals of the Populist Party?To end political corruption; to increase money supply; to begin government ownership of rail roadsSusan B. AnthonyFormed women's Christian temperance union and joined the fight for women's right to voteJames A. Garfield20th president; whose assassination by Charles. J. Guiteau made Civil Service reform possiblePlessy v. Ferguson1896; the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitution of Jim Crow laws. It did so by arguing that as long as States maintained "separate but equal" facilities, they did not violate the 14th amendment.Who was Homer Plessy? Why did he take his case to the Supreme Court?Fair- skin African American who sat in a rail road car reserved for whites and was arrested when he refused to move to the "color car"Why did the Supreme Court rule against?Court argued that the 14th amendment did not protect against social discriminationName the three common problems did poor farmers share.Low crop prices, high transportation cost, debts mounted while their influence of the political system declined