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#34 - Deialog

The dialogue from Uned 34 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Ffred has some bad news.

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Allwn ni ddim mynd i chwarae bowls heno
We can't go to play bowls tonight
Oes rhywbeth yn bod?
Is something the matter?
Mae'r ci wedi cael ei fwrw i lawr
The dog has been run over
Ydy e'n fyw?
Is he alive?
Ydy, ond mae e mewn poen ofnadwy
He is, but he's in terrible pain
Wyt ti'n gwybod pwy wnaeth e?
Do you know who did it?
Weles i ddim pwy
I didn't see who
Ond caeth e ei daro gan Fiesta coch
But he was hit by a red Fiesta
Fiesta coch sy 'da Gordon!
Gordon's got a red Fiesta!