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14th September 2018 News Quiz


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Myanmar (Burma)
The leader of which country has defended her government's actions, follwing international condemnation for its jailing of two journalists and its treatment of its Rohingya minority?
United States
Hurricane Florence is set to hit the coastline of which country within the next few hours?
A restaurant chain in which country has lost around $190m in value after a customer found a dead rat in her soup?
A man has been charged after at least 137 wedge-tailed eagles were found dead from poisoning in which country?
Sri Lanka
Which country has voted to ban ritual sacrifices of birds and animals at Hindu temples?
United Kingdom
Gordon Brown has stated in an interview that the world is not read to deal with another financial crisis. Brown is the former Prime Minister of which country?
A leaked report has revealed that over 3,600 children were abused by Catholic priests in which country between 1946 and 2014?
Officials in the capital of which country have asked people not to eat dog meat, as it could harm the country's reputation and may spread disease?
South Korea
Young men in which countty have reportedly binged on junk food in order to gain weight and thereby avoid compulsory military service?
The Philippines
Evacuations are under way in which country as Typhoon Mangkhut approaches?
'Bad intelligence' has been blamed for a raid on the family home of the former president of which country?
South Africa
The oldest known drawing by a human, reportedly 73,000 years old, has been discovered in which country?