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Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is a readymade, produced from an upside-down __


Context has a profound influence on style. Artworks are very much a product of ___

their culture at a moment in time

In works with ____, the lines are completed by the viewer

implied line

____ creates the illusion of roundness or three dimensionality through the use of light and shadow on a two-dimensional surface


The transition to oil paint in the 14th and 15th centuries was gradual. For many years, it was only used for ____ in order to give the paintings a high sheen


Intaglio prints are made from ____ into which lines have been incised

metal plates

The first photographic process to leave a permanent image was invented in 1826 and known as ____


According to Marcel Duchamp, the function of a readymade was to ___

prompt the viewer to think and think again

Site-specific works are distinguished from other artworks in that they are produced ____

in or for one location

The prehistoric Stonehenge is one of the earliest examples of ____ construction, in which two stones were set vertically and a third stone laid across them, creating an opening beneath.


Originally a derisive term, ____ uses mass produced, light, easily handled cuts of wood and metal nails for the assembly of millions of homes and small buildings on site

balloon framing

One of the earliest and most famous "fertility" figurines from the Paleolithic period is the ____

Venus of Willendorf

The art and architecture of the Mycenaean civilization reflects a preoccupation with ____ because, unlike Crete, it lacked the natural defense of a surrounding sea

arms and fortification

The ancient Greeks considered themselves to be the center of the universe or "the measure of all things," a concept known as ___


Myron's Discobolos or Discus Thrower is representative of the most significant development in Early Classical art: the introduction of ____

implied movement in sculpture

Praxiteles' Hermes and Dionysos, from the Late Classical period, depicts a graceful and naturalistic body stance, called the ____, and an increased emphasis on ____

S-curve; emotional expression

The two most significant innovations in building design introduced by the Romans were the ____, which made construction of the Pantheon possible

arch and concrete

In St. Sernin, the ceiling structure is a stone barrel vault, which was necessary for ___


Academics generally agree that the Gothic style of architecture began in 1140 with the construction of the choir of ___

St. Denis

The word ____ is derived from the French and means rebirth


Considered a true Renaissance man, ____ excelled in engineering, the natural sciences, anatomy, music, and technological prototypes, not to mention creating some of the world's best loved paintings

Leonardo da Vinci

In his Creation of Adam scene from the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo created the most ____ in the history of art as God reached out to spark life into Adam

dramatic negative space

The Baroque era was born in ____, at least in part as a reaction to the spread of Protestantism resulting from the ____

Rome; Reformation

For The Conversion of St. Paul, Caravaggio selected the models in his painting from ____

society's outcasts

After Martin Luther's Reformation, Dutch artists painted scenes of daily life, whereas Flemish artists ___

continued painting religious and mythological scenes as in Baroque Italy

King Louis XIV's Palace at Versailles was originally the site of his ___

hunting lodge

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