16 terms

AP Psychology Vocab 5.3/5.4

a long term feeling of closeness toward another person
Strange Situation
In this procedure a mother and her infant (typically 12 to 18 months) come into a room with many toys. The stranger and mother walk in and out of the room and an observer classifies the child.
Identity Crisis
An adolescent's concern with decisions about the future and the quest for self-understanding
Identity Diffusion
Those who have not yet given any serious thought to making any decisions and who have no clear sense of identity
Identity Moratorium
Seriously considering the issues but not yet making decisions
Identity Foreclosure
A state of reaching firm decisions without much thought
Identity Achievement
The outcome of having explored various possible identities and then making one's own decisions
Terror-Management Theory
We cope with our fear of death by avoiding thoughts about death and by affirming a worldview that provides self-esteem, hope, and value in life
The ability to display both male and female characteristics
Sex Roles
The different activities expected of males and females
Partial identification with two cultures
Authoritative Parents
Set high standards and impose controls, but they also warm and responsive to the child's communications. Set limits and adjust them
Authoritarian Parents
Set firm controls, but also tend to be emotionally distant from the child. They set rules without explaining the reasons behind them
Indifferent/Uninvolved Parents
Spend little time with their children and do little more than provide them with food and shelter
Midlife Transition
A time when they reassess their personal goals, set new ones, and prepare for the rest of life
Permissive Parents
Warm and loving but undemanding