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Political Ideologies

a comprehensive set of beliefs about the nature of people & about the role of an institution or government
a political ideology based on strong support for economic & social equality.
It envisions a society in which major businesses were taken over by the government or by employee cooperatives
a political ideology based on skepticism or opposition toward almost all government activities
a set of beliefs that includes a limited role for the national government in helping individuals, support for traditional values & lifestyles, & a cautious to change
a set of beliefs that includes the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individuals, support for civil rights, & tolerance for political & social change
a revolutionary variant of socialism that favors a partisan (& often totalitarianism) dictatorship, government control of all enterprises, and the replacement of free markets by central planning
a 20th century ideology--often totalitarianism--that exalts the national collective united behind an absolute ruler.
It rejects liberal individualism, values action over rational deliberation, & glorifies war

Ex: Mussolini's Italy (WWII)
form of government that controls all aspects of the political and social life of a nation
(mostly dictatorship)

Ex: Mao's China, North Korea, Stalin's Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba