5 terms

pt2 rectus femoris assessment

patella alta, (high patella), anterior pelvic tilt
describe posture assessment for the rectus femoris
patella alta, tracking of patella, abrupt knee extension
describe gate assessment for the rectus femoris
muscle tendon, subluxation of l2-s4, patella s to I
describe palpation assessment for the rectus femoris
side lying: patient on unaffected side, downside knee is brought into chest,.. dr. stands behind patient supporting pelvis and extending hip on affeced side by 10 degrees. dr. brings patents leg to barrier, heel should nearly approximate buttock....... 2. modified thomas..
describe muscle lenght for the rectus femoris (2 ways)
patient supine with 90 90 with resisted leg extension
describe the manual muscle test for rectus femoris