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History Vocabulary Chapter 3


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Circuit-Riding Preacher
a term that describes a preacher who rode on a planned route to preach in towns that had no preacher
an example
a plan for spending and saving money
political parties
a group of people who try to gain power in government; newspapers started supporting these parties which made them popular
a group of people that gives advice to the president
John Adams
was elected as the second president of the United States
Anthony Wayne
He defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.
Electoral College
a group of people that chooses the president of the United States
George Washington
He set a precedent that a president should serve only TWO terms.
they wanted the United States to be powerful in TRADING and BANKING
Democratic- Republicans
they believed that wealth made people UN-EQUAL
National Government
has a president
State Government
has a governor
Local Government
has a mayor

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