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AP English Vocab List 2


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abrogate (v.)
to repeal; to do away with; to nullify
ameliorate (v.)
to make better; to improve; to mitigate
ancillary (adj.)
additional support; auxiliary
assiduous (adj.)
diligent; detail-minded; conscientious
besmirch (v.)
to damage, to debase, to smear--such as a reputation
byzantine (adj.)
extremely intricate or complex in structure
calumny (n.)
false statements intended to debase someone's reputation; slander
cogitate (v.)
to ponder; to meditate/think on
contentious (adj.)
controversial; argumentative; quarrelsome
debacle (n.)
a disaster or failure
deleterious (adj.)
harmful; extremely unhealthy
ensconce (v.)
to settle in snugly, secretly, or safely
erudite (adj.)
scholarly; having great knowledge; learned
facetious (adj.)
treating something serious with inappropriate humor; sarcastic; flippant
feral (adj.)
wild; savage; ferocious
gravitas (n.)
dignity; seriousness; authority
impudent (adj.)
disrespectful; rude; insolent
iniquitous (adj.)
unjust; immoral; grossly unfair
juggernaut (n.)
something massive, destructive, or unstoppable
lassitude (n.)
weariness; lethargy
maudlin (adj.)
overly and tearfully sentimental; overly emotional
mendacious (adj.)
dishonest; deceitful; lying
neophyte (n.)
a beginner; a novice
nonplus (v.)
to surprise and confuse
onerous (adj.)
burdensome; oppressive; extremely difficult
ossify (v.)
to turn into bone; to become rigid or set in one's ways
parsimonious (adj.)
stingy; overly frugal; miserly
penultimate (adj.)
next to last
petulant (adj.)
cranky; ill-tempered; irritable
salubrious (adj.)
healthful; favorable to one's health
scofflaw (n.)
one who shows disdain for and is continually breaking the law
sinuous (adj.)
winding; curvy
temerity (n.)
over-confidence and boldness; audacity
truculent (adj.)
hostile; aggressive; defiant
veneer (n.)
a facade; an outward appearance
zealous (adj.)
very enthusiastic; passionate