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what was the first sin disobeyed

the original one

what was adam made out of


what was eve made out of

adam's rib

why are we called woman

because woman come from man

what did god tell adam not to eat

from the tree of knowledge

what did god create before eve to keep him company


where did god place adam

in the garden of eden

who tempted eve to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge

the serpent

who do serpents (snakes) represent

the evil

who ate from the tree of knowledge

adam and eve

were they supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge


what did they feel after eating from they tree

embarrassed and ashamed

what did god do when he found out about when they eat from the tree

he kicks them out of the garden

what was the punishment for adam

he will have to work with the agriculture in the garden for the rest of his life

what was the punishment for eve

she will have pain when she gives birth

what was the punishment for the serpent

he will have to crawl on his belly the rest of his life

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