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Arthurian Legends BG Notes Sheet

Story based on truth passed down through words of mouth
"Sleepy Hollow"
Epic Hero
Larger than life hero who performs supernatural feats, ans is important to culture
American Epic
No American Epics exist, but Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and John henry fit the bill for an Epic Hero
Real Life King Arthur
Arturius Dux Bellorum "Lord of Battle" in 5th century.
Celtic war chief who defeated saxons, and was given a god-like status.
History and myht combined to creater and Alexander the Great of Britian.
Middle Ages
Medieval period.
Middle ages legnth
Prinitng Press invented
Dom. forces of Medieval Period
Catholic Church
Feudalism= fealty to the leige.
Knight birth
An Aristo.
Talents of a knight.
skill, braver, endurance
10th century france and fluorished
Knights were...
1. Truthful speak
2. Defend Church
3. Protect poor
4. Make peace in province
5. pursue infidels.
6. Treat prisoners as guests
7. A brother to other knights
Practice of knighthood by the nobility
Characteristics of Nobility
1. Allied to god and protect christianity
2. Loyal to liege
3. Loyal to lady
4. Protected weak and helpless
Qualitites of Chivalry.
Generous, loyalty, humility, service, courage, courtasey,
Courtly love
Marriage was an econ. benefit
Strict behavior code
Lover idealized lady
Women were distant and aloof to lover.
Andreas Cappellus
Wrote "The Rules of Courtly Love"
Rules of Courtly love.
1. Marriage is not an excuse for not loving
2. Jealous prevents love from existing
3. No double love
4. Love increases or decreases
5. If you do against you wife, you get 0 pleasure
6. Boys must be mature to love
7. It is difficult to attain love makes it prizes.
8. Pale face in presence of Beloves
9. After spouse death, you get 2 yearts off
10. When you see a lover, your heart skips a beat.
11. New loves leaves for an old flame
12. Always think of your love.