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Qustions History 1302

Political machines provided americans with ?
Institutions capeable of providing social services that the goverment did not
Protestant churches that espoused the Social Gospel?
Taught that christians must fight fir the "social aims of jesus" by relieving the mistery and despair of the masses
As a basis for corrective action, most progressive relied on ?
rational plannin and statistical studies
Which of the following does not characterize the progressives of the early twentieth century?
They usually aligned themselves with business interest and the private sector
In their journalistic writing, muckcrakers tended to?
Exposed the underside of American life
the popullist leader who exhorted farmers to 'raise less corn and more hell" was??
Mary Elizabeth Lease
"You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind on a cross of gold" were famous words climaxing an 1896 speech delivered by?
William Jennings Bryan
In the late 19th century, those Americans most eager to see the money supply increased were?
The farmers alliance proposed a subtreasury system to?
Give farmes accers to cheap credit
The political Group that took credit for " redeeming" the south from "yankee" rule was the ??
A Democratic Party
Gustavus F.Swifts crucial technological innovation that changed his business was the?
Refrigirated car
Verticaly integrated corporations ?
Handle everything involved in the functions of an industry
Which of the following statements accuratly characteirezes the early historical developemental of the knights of labor?
all of the above
How did Sammuel gompers and the American Federation of labor differs from those of the knighsts of labor?
Gompers believed that workers should be focus on concrete, achieveable gains and power sufficient to support their cause
Contemporaries associated the haymarket square incident most directly with the allegedly subersive of?
The strike by steelworkers at homestead, pennsylvania,?
resulted from the desire of Andre carnegie and henry c. frick to crush the workers union