AP US history chapter 4

What struggles of the Chesapeake bay colony struggle with
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The Chesapeake Bay people struggled with malaria, dysentry and typhoid. They also had a lot of diseases coming from fresh immigration from England. The majority of their immigrants were single men and women were scarce. Most of the women were impregnated before marriage. Then people became acquired immunity to the killer diseases and more women were allowed on the colony which form to families in the birth rate was growing
It started the tobacco cultivation. It exhausted the soil. More commercial growers that were interested in plantation cultivation invaded the river valleys of Indian territories which led to attacks. This also led to more labor. Indians died too quickly and African slaves cost too much.England had a surplus of displaced farmers known as indentured servant's that would work for corn clothes and land.
It was started in Virginia and Maryland. It was used to encourage the importation of servant workers. Whoever paid the passage of a labor receive the right to acquire 50 acres of land. These people decided to dominate the agriculture in the converse of the southern colonies. The white slaves represented more than 75% of all European immigrants to Virginia and Maryland . Most of the indentured servant's were working for land in for freedom but when land became scarce they lost motivation and became missed behaving which led them to an extended term of service under low wages
a 1676 raid led by Nathaniel Bacon against the governor and Native Americans in Virginia. The governor of Virginia governor William Berkeley had governed people and labored men who are poor, in debt, unhappy and armed. Nathaniel bacon a planter and many frontier men were in search of arable land. They didn't agree with Berkeley's policies towards Indians and when they decided to launch an attack against Indians Berkeley refused. They changed Berkeley through Jamestown and torch the capital. Bacon died of disease and his bottle cause resentment towards landless former servants of the front tears men and the Tidewater plantations. Begin to look for tobacco laborers in Africa
You are dominant in Virginia South Carolina. They were originally captured by African coastal tribes who traded them into the market to European and American merchants. They were going on ships through the middle passage and we're auction in Newport, Rhode Island, Charleston, North Carolina, South Carolina. This was a giant slave market.
No slave could be saved. It was started for economic reasons but ended because of racial discrimination. In the south in South Carolina the climate was hostile the labor was draining with the widely scattered rice and indigo plantations and they relied on fresh imports. In the Chesapeake tobacco growing region. There was less physical demanding through Tabacco growing , it was larger and closer which led slaves contact with their close relatives and friends. The female proportion began to rise which made family life possible. It didn't just grow with new imports but also fertility.
Who are some cultural aspects that the Africansbrought to AmericaThey have many languages such as Yoruba,ibo, Hausa. They have ring the shout which is a dance that goes in a circle religious. They have the banjo and the bongo drum and I even led to the development of jazz.What are some slave revolts in the AmericasSlaves were often in sweaty toil and often pleaded for freedom. A slave revolt irrupt it in New York City and 1712 that cause the live white and 21 blacks. The blacks were executed over a fire. Another revenge revolt occurred in South Carolina along the Stono River but they were stopped by the local military of Spanish Florida. The planters became huge slave owners, landowners, political power in society.Who were some of the people who had the Virginia real estateFitzhughs,lee, Washington. They together dominated the house of burgesses. The leaders of the Virginia latest legislator came from families establish in Virginia known as the first families of Virginia FFVWho are the people beneath the plantersWhen is the planters were small farmers who are far beneath them in the world, prestige, political power and wealth. They tilled their modest plot and own one or two slaves.Who are below the small farmersThese were indentured servant's your numbers are gradually diminish as black slaves became increasingly demanding.What was the infrastructure like in the southern coloniesThe southern colonies had a great plantations that were isolated from each other. They had waterways that provided the most important transportation. Roads were wrecked.What are some characteristics of new England coloniesThe new England colonies had a stark difference between Chesapeake immigrants because they had an increasing amount of the lifespan. They were mainly Puritan colonist. They migrated in families and were extremely fertile. They had early marriages but high infant mortality rates. There was family stability. Children were raised properly they had grandparents.What are some main differences between the southern and New England ways of lifeThe southern family is adVanced in economic security of southern woman because the families fragility. Southern man frequently died young living widows to support small children. They gave where does the right to inherit their power has been is estates. Contrastingly, in new England Puritans law makers wood cut women's property rights when they are married . Women were not allowed to vote and they were weaker than men religiously. And her husband's power over his wife was not absolute and the government would not restrained abuse to spouses. New England try to defend the integrity of marriages there for divorce was rare and reunite of couples were commanded. No adultery was tolerated especially against womenWhat was the cultural landscape of Chesapeake regionThey were taken under by planters. New towns were illegally chartered by colonial authorities. The land was distributed to proprietors. The proprietors move to their designated place to build their own family. There was a meeting House which was a place of both worship and Townhall and was surrounded by other houses. Where was the Village Green were military word drill. There is a wood lot for fuel and a tract for Growing crops and another for pastoring animalsWhat was education like in the New England townsTowns with more than 50 families were required to have a elementary education. In Massachusetts the Puritans establish Harvard and in Virginia named William and MaryWhat was the democracy and government like in Puritan nationsPuritans often run her own church in the congregational church government which combined democracy and religious purpose in the government. The town meetings which were meant for adult males . New England villagers had a meeting houses to discuss town issues.What new religion formed as a branch of Puritan in 1662The Puritans were pushed and his first upon the outlying farms far from the church and neighbors. In the middle of the 17th century the Puritans came out with Jermiad which comes from the old testament of prophet Jeremiah. They believe that do you receive the gods grace and therefore deserve to be admitted to a church as members of the lights. Trouble the ministers came out with the halfway covenant which you raise the distinction between the lights and other members of society. The purification and religious purity were sacrifice because there was more participation within the religion. And woman became dominant in the Puritan societyWhat was the Salem witch trialsIt was a witchhunt leading to a legal lynching in 16 9220 individuals 19 of whom were hanged and one of whom was pressed to death and two dogs were hanging. Syracuse men's were directed a property owning woman. Who is the result of social and religious contradictions in Massachusetts. Many of the families came from burgeoning market economy. And the accusers came from subsistent farming families. this was the fear that Puritan heritage was being a clips by Yankee commercialism. The witch craft hysteria stopped after the governor's wife was accused of witchcraft and with the support of a clergy they stopped all tiles and pardoned everyone it was accusedWhat was the climate like in EnglandThe climb it was hot and really cold but the land encourage a diversified agriculture and industry yet tobacco did not florist North black slavery nor brought a fertile expenses.How did the minds of New England colonist and natives of New England differThe Native Americans laughter imprint on earth. They beat trails through the woods as they migrated for hunting and fishing. They burn the woodlands to restore the leafy for us that would sustain the deer population. They believe the right to use the word not in land ownership. English settlers deferred because they felt Indians were wasting the earths resources. They cleared woodlands for pastors and tillage building roads in fences and laying out permanent residence.what was one biggest introduction that lead to great changedWho is the introduction to the livestock such as pigs horses sheep's and carols. They were used to clear for us, compactor soil, speed erosion and flooding. New Englanders even found natural harbors, timber, shipbuilding, commerce, cod fish which led to a higher yield of wealth. They prospered with Calvinism, soil, and climate which led Boston to be the hub of the universe.Was life different from the middle and northern colonies from the south coloniesLand in the south and the metal in northern colonies were cheap but they were less available in the south because it was planter dominated and in the north and middle colonies they were given Virgin soil lands at low cost.Are some examples of rebellions that happened due to power strugglesLeislers rebellion was in New York City in 1689 between lamp holders and merchants. It because the uprising of Bacons rebellion in 1676 in Virginia and Maryland protestants. In Massachusetts people that were poor wear for bid it to were models that were precious. in Virginia they were not allowed to race horses if they were women