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  1. What is the definition of comprehension?
  2. What is a man?
  3. What the the three things associated with a simple apprehension?
  4. What are the two properties of simple apprehension?
  5. At what point do you go from simple apprehension to judgment?
  1. a comprehension and extension
  2. b perceive something with our senses, form a mental image, conceive its meaning
  3. c a rational, sentient, living, material substance
  4. d When you affirm or deny anything about a concept.
  5. e The completely articulated sum of intelligible aspects represented by a concept

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  1. When we affirm or deny something about the subject.
  2. deals with the content of an argument
  3. Aristotle
  4. We form a concept of something in our minds
  5. The process by which a simple apprehension is derived from a sense perception or a mental image.

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  1. What are the two branches of logic?Aristotle


  2. What is an animal?a sentient, living, material substance


  3. What is a simple apprehension?An act by which the mind grasps the concept or general meaning of an object without affirming or denying anything.


  4. What is a mental image?a sentient, living, material substance


  5. What is the definition of extension?extension tells us the things to which the essence of the object applies