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  1. Who is the father of logic?
  2. What is the definition of comprehension?
  3. What happens during a deductive inference?
  4. What happens during a judgment?
  5. What is material logic?
  1. a The completely articulated sum of intelligible aspects represented by a concept
  2. b When we make logical connections between the term and the argument.
  3. c Aristotle
  4. d When we affirm or deny something about the subject.
  5. e deals with the content of an argument

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  1. formal and material logic
  2. We form a concept of something in our minds
  3. The process by which a simple apprehension is derived from a sense perception or a mental image.
  4. a featherless biped
  5. comprehension and extension

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  1. What is a mental image?a sentient, living, material substance


  2. What is formal logic?interested in form of reasoning


  3. At what point do you go from simple apprehension to judgment?We form a concept of something in our minds


  4. What is truth?truth is the correspondence of a statement to reality


  5. What is logic?a rational, sentient, living, material substance