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  1. What the the three things associated with a simple apprehension?
  2. Who is the father of logic?
  3. At what point do you go from simple apprehension to judgment?
  4. What are the two branches of logic?
  5. What is a mental image?
  1. a When you affirm or deny anything about a concept.
  2. b perceive something with our senses, form a mental image, conceive its meaning
  3. c The image of an object formed in the mind.
  4. d formal and material logic
  5. e Aristotle

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  1. The completely articulated sum of intelligible aspects represented by a concept
  2. The act of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching
  3. When we make logical connections between the term and the argument.
  4. a featherless biped
  5. extension tells us the things to which the essence of the object applies

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  1. What is a simple apprehension?The act of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching


  2. What is abstraction?truth is the correspondence of a statement to reality


  3. What is a man?Logic is the science of right thinking.


  4. What is formal logic?interested in form of reasoning


  5. What is material logic?interested in form of reasoning