Math Unit 2 Test


Terms in this set (...)

no two ordered pairs have the same x value, they can have same y
any relationship between two variables
Not a function if
If a vertical line can cross in more than one place
Domain order
left to right
Range order
bottom to top
Only list
the lowest and highest values
Closed bracket
included points, greater / less than or equal to
In standard form...
A has to be positive, all have to be integers (not fractions)
slope formula
(y₂- y₁) / (x₂- x₁)
It is linear if
you can put a dot on the axis and make a line
Not linear if..
x has an exponent
variable is in denominator
It has a product of x times y or x and y
For every 2 points..
there is one line
How to plot x / y int
plug in 0 for the other one
All horizontal lines have
a slope of 0
All vertical lines have
an undefined slope
Rate of change
a comparison of a change in one quantity with a change in another quantity
Two lines are parallel only if their slopes are
Two lines are only perpendicular if their slopes are
opposite reciprocals
Special function
function defined by two or more expressions,
2 strategies for graphing linear functions
1. get into slope intercept form
2. get in standard form and graph using intercepts
When graphing linear equalities don't forget to
Test a point, and if it works, shade that region