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The skin layer that contains numerous blood vessels, nerves, and glands is the:


withdrawing fluid from a cyst with a syringe example of:

inflammation of the skin

The term dermatitis means:


Which of the following is a highly metastic, pagmented neoplasm of the skin:


Which of the following methods can be used to destroy a hair follicle:

federal and state compensation laws

The statutes for workers compenation laws fall under:

to ensure a promt return to work of any injured or ill imployess and to provide income to the injured or ill worker, and to encourage maximum employer interest in safety

The reason for workers' compensation laws is:

occupational illness

An abnoraml condition caused by exposure to environmental faactors associated with employment is termed:

domestic employees, babysitters, and gardeners

In mant states, workers' compensation laws have exemptions for certain occpations, such as:

medical care, disability income, death benefits

workers' compensation benefits include:

work hardening

An individualized program of therapy using simulated or real work task to build strength and improve the workers endurance toward a full day's work is known as:

occupational safety and health administration

OSHA stands for:

separate financial and health records must be used

Which is the correct procedure for keeping an industrial patient's financial and health records when the same physicians is also seeing the patient as a private patient:

physician and insurance company

In a workers compensation case, the contract and financial responsibility exists between the:

private insurance companies, employer-sponsored plans, government-funded programs

Disability income insurance is available from:

dismemberment benefits

A policy that offers an insured person protection when loss of sight or loss of limbs occurs is called:


Provision written into the insurance contract denying coverage or limiting the scope of coverage are called:


Agent that acts aganist perspiration__________.


Benign, fatty tumor______________.


Wound produced by a sharp instrument_________.


A physician hired by the insurace company or appointed by the referee or appeals board to examine an injured worker and render an unbiased opinion regarding the degree of disability is refered to as a/an___________.

waiting period

For a disability income insurace case, the time period from the beginiging of disability to receiving the first payment of benefits is called a/an_____.

double indemnity

In a life insurance policy, a feature that provides for twice the face amount of the policy to be paid if death results from accidental causes is called:


In an insurance contract, a/an _________ of premiums means that while disabled the employee does not have to pay any premiums because they are paid by the policy.


If a clamant does not agree with the determination of disability, a _______ level appeal process is available.

minors, maritime workers, federal employees

Name the three types of state workers compensation disability claims.

medical, temporary, death, permanent, rehab

Name five types of workers' compensations benefits

school districts, churches, railroad, nonprofit, domestic

Who are the five types of workers not covered by state disability

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