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  1. Dog
  2. Strategic dissonance
  3. Stability strategy
  4. Secondary firms
  5. Corporate-level strategy
  1. a a strategy that focuses on improving the way in which the company sells the same products or services to the same customers
  2. b a discrepancy between upper management's intended strategy and the strategy actually implemented by lower levels of management
  3. c a company with a small share of a slow-growing market.
  4. d the overall organizational strategy that addresses the question "What business or businesses are we in or should we be in?"
  5. e the firms in a strategic group that follow related, but somewhat different strategies than do the core firms

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  1. : the firms in a strategic group whose strategies are changing from one strategic position to another
  2. Profits,Sales Growth, and Return on Investment
  3. : a committee within a company that analyzes the company's own weaknesses to determine how competitors could exploit them for competitive advantage.
  4. a group of companies within an industry that top managers choose to compare, evaluate, and benchmark strategic threats and opportunities.
  5. strategy that focuses on turning around very poor company performance by shrinking the size or scope of the business

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  1. Cash cowa company with a large share of a slow-growing market


  2. The best type of portfolio strategy may be WHAT?related diversification


  3. Risk Takingentrepreneurial firms are willing to take risks that could result in costly failures.


  4. Entrepreneurshipthe process of entering new or established markets with new goods or services. (know characteristics for this)


  5. Growth strategya strategy that focuses on increasing profits, revenues, market share, or the number of places in which the company does business.