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Exam 2

Gestalt psychologist emphasized that?

we organize sensations into meaningful patterns

An epileptic has had a split brain operation?

any in random fashion

In terms of brain evolution, the sequence of brain regions from oldest to newest is?

brain stem; limbic system; cerebral cortex

The division of the nervous system that controls the skeletal muscles (voluntary movements) is the?

somatic system

The brain's interpretation of neural impulses from sensory receptors defines?


In comparing the eye to a camera, the sys's retina would be most similar to the camera's?


Generally speaking, if electrical stimulation to the brain ___ a certain behavior, lesions in the same region will ___ it?

increases, decrease

What is the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic?

the sympathetic system mobilizes the body's resources, wheras the parasympathetic system functions to conserve energy

The central fissure separates which two lobes of the brain?

Frontal and parietal

Which of the following descriptions highlights how conduction of a message from one neuron to another takes place?

A chemical is released from the axon and floats across the synapse to the dendrite

The cells that provide structural support and insulation for neurons are called ?


The basic communication links of the nervous system are the ?


The ___ is the largest and most complex part of the human brain?


When the ___ lobe of the brain is electrically stimulated, people report physical sensations, as if they had been touched for example on the arm?


The structure that connects the right and left hemispheres of the cortex to each other is?

Corpus Collosum

Damage to the left temporal lobe of the brain would probably produce problems with ?


The area of the frontal lobe that plays an important role in the production of speech is called?

Broca's Area

Surgically disconnecting the cerebral hemispheres has its orgins in the treatment of ?


If the left hemisphere of the brain is damaged which part of the body would be most directly affected ?

Right Half

The stroke victim is paralyzed on the right side of his body which part of the brain is affected the?

Left hemisphere

If you sent the word banana to a split brain patients left hemisphere and the word cucumber to his right hemisphere which of the following would he be able to name verbally?


Which part of the brain seems to play a major role in the work of artists architects and engineers who must rely heavily on visual spatial skills?

Right hemisphere

The fluid filled coiled tunnel in the inner ear that houses the ears neural tissue is known as the?


The retina is the eye as the ... ?

Cochlea is to the ear

The rods and cones are to vision as the taste buds are to ?


Which of the following statements represents nature vs nature controversy?

Heredity and environment interact to affect an individual's development

It has been suggested that the two hemisphere of the brain have different modes of thinking according to this notion the right hemisphere would probably better at ?

Assembling a jigsaw puzzle

Which of the following statements of neurons is true?

All neurons receive integrate and transmit signals within the nervous system

Neural impulses travel faster through?

Insulated or myelinated axons

The ______ is the junction between two neurons?


The all or none principle state that ?

Action potential do not vary in strength they simply either occur or they don't

Light hat strikes the eye is focused onto the ___ at the back of the eye ?


The three major components of a neuron are?

Cell body, axon dendrites

Which of the following is structures is responsible for the color vision?


The fovea is?

all of the above/ located at the center of the retina, the point of greatest visual acuity where the cones are concentrated

An impulse moves from one neuron to another by means of?


A good analogy for the way in which a neurotransmitter bind to receptor sites?

A key fitting in the lock of a door

The primary visual cortex is located in the ____ lobe of the brain?


Schizophrenia seems to be related to improper levels of neurotransmitter?


Which of the following has been implicated in pain alleviation?


The two basic divisions of the nervous system are?

The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system

Fight or flight response?

Sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system

The blood brain barrier is a semipermeable membrane like mechanism that?

Stops some chemicals from passing from the bloodstream to the brain

When you look at a table with a pile of books on it you don't sense the whole table because part of it is covered but you perceive that table has a whole?

Gestalt psychology

Reversible figures such as the silhouetted faces-vase figure illustrate the Gestalt principle of?

Figure ground organization

When we mentally connect the dots to make a partial picture complete we are using the gestalt principle of ?


Electrical stimulation of its lateral hypothalamus causes an animal to overeat and become obese therefore we would expect that lessoning the lateral hypothalamus would produce ?

Under eating and weight loss

Damage to the cerebellum is most likely to result in?

Problems with coordination of movement

If a key part of the ___ is destroyed an animal will lose all interest in food and may well starve to death?


Which brain structure appears to play an active role in integrating sensory information?


The lesioning of the frontal or prefrontal area of the brain as an early treatment for schizophrenia is known as ?


Aggressive behavior is observed in animals the experience electrical stimulation of the ___?


The split brain operation was originally performed to control seizures cause by ____?


The motor cortex is located in the ___ lobe?


The _____ is thought to regulate thirst and sexual motivation?


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