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  1. 56
  2. Motherboard
  3. Byte
  4. Joint Photographic Experts Group
  5. Megabyte
  1. a 4th Fastest Internet connection.
  2. b This represents 1,000,000 bytes. (NOT Abbreviation)
  3. c What "JPEG" stands for.
  4. d Main circuit board of a microcomputer. Contains the connectors for attaching additional boards.
  5. e A unit of storage capable of holding a single character.

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  1. What "byte" is short for.
  2. This technique includes data compression, but because it is limited to 256 colors, it is more effective for scanned images such as illustrations rather than color photos. (Abbreviation)
  3. An application that holds specific instructions for hardware functions.
  4. What "pixel" is short for.
  5. A device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen.

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  1. Read Only MemoryWhat "ROM" stands for.


  2. 28.8The brains of the computer. Most calculations take place here. (Abbreviation)


  3. T12nd fastest Internet connection.


  4. Random Access MemoryWhat "RAM" stands for.


  5. CacheA special high-speed storage mechanism. Mechanism can be internal or external.