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HSU Developmental Psych Test One 2015


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The finding that Heriability for spacial intelligence means that
50% to person to person differences in spacial intelligence is attributable to genes.
From the moment they are born, baby girls and baby boys are treated differently by their parents. What type of gene interactions does such differential treatment exemplify?
High School Graduation and Retirement are examples of
Normative-age-graded influences
_____ distinguishes adolescence as a period of development?
G. Stanley Hall
Which of the following is not in the physical domain of physical development?
One tenet of the _____ theory of development is that children learn in part by observing the consequences of other's behavior.
Which one of the following is not one of the periods of the lifespan?
What type of gene environment interactions is exemplify by a musically gifted child of tone-deaf parents, who seeks experiences that will hone her musical talent?
Childhood is a ___ period for language learning, because this is when language are acquired most easily?
The fall of the Twin Towers in 9/11/2001 is a (an)
Normative history-graded influence.
The fact that the head develops earlier than the feet is predicted by the ___ law of developmental direction
Mental retardation due to head trauma experienced at Age 2 years is a
Non-normative influence
Birth to Age 3 is a ____ period for depth perception, because this ability will not develop afterward.
Development is defined as
The ways in which people change throughout life.
Feelings and relationships are in the ____ domain of human development.
_____ partly explain(s) individual differences in expressed traits among siblings.
Nonshared environmental influences
____ is known for having conducted the first longitudinal study of usually gifted children at Stanford University
Lewis M. Terman
The ____ period is the earliest period of prenatal development
Family studies confound the effects of genes and
Shared environmental influences.
The ____ theory of development posits that development involves passing through stages, in which children derive pleasure from various parts of their bodies
The ____ theory of child development posits that children will learn more with help from someone more competent than themselves than by studying their own
The ___ theory of development posits that what develops are mental models of reality, or schemes
The ___ law of developmental direction implies that the spinal cord should begin developing before the ribs and shoulders
_____ Partly explain(s) the similarities in expressed traits among siblings
Shared environmental influences
Experiments in which people are studied more than once are called
Longitudinal studies