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  • The finding that Heriability for spacial intelligence means that
    50% to person to person differences in spacial intelligence is attributable to genes.
  • From the moment they are born, baby girls and baby boys are treated differently by their parents. What type of gene interactions does such differential treatment exemplify?
  • High School Graduation and Retirement are examples of
    Normative-age-graded influences
  • _____ distinguishes adolescence as a period of development?
    G. Stanley Hall
  • Which of the following is not in the physical domain of physical development?
  • One tenet of the _____ theory of development is that children learn in part by observing the consequences of other's behavior.
  • Which one of the following is not one of the periods of the lifespan?
  • What type of gene environment interactions is exemplify by a musically gifted child of tone-deaf parents, who seeks experiences that will hone her musical talent?
  • Childhood is a ___ period for language learning, because this is when language are acquired most easily?
  • The fall of the Twin Towers in 9/11/2001 is a (an)
    Normative history-graded influence.
  • The fact that the head develops earlier than the feet is predicted by the ___ law of developmental direction
  • Mental retardation due to head trauma experienced at Age 2 years is a
    Non-normative influence
  • Birth to Age 3 is a ____ period for depth perception, because this ability will not develop afterward.
  • Development is defined as
    The ways in which people change throughout life.
  • Feelings and relationships are in the ____ domain of human development.
  • _____ partly explain(s) individual differences in expressed traits among siblings.
    Nonshared environmental influences
  • ____ is known for having conducted the first longitudinal study of usually gifted children at Stanford University
    Lewis M. Terman
  • The ____ period is the earliest period of prenatal development
  • Family studies confound the effects of genes and
    Shared environmental influences.
  • The ____ theory of development posits that development involves passing through stages, in which children derive pleasure from various parts of their bodies
  • The ____ theory of child development posits that children will learn more with help from someone more competent than themselves than by studying their own
  • The ___ theory of development posits that what develops are mental models of reality, or schemes
  • The ___ law of developmental direction implies that the spinal cord should begin developing before the ribs and shoulders
  • _____ Partly explain(s) the similarities in expressed traits among siblings
    Shared environmental influences
  • Experiments in which people are studied more than once are called
    Longitudinal studies