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Who was the main ambassador sent out by Han Wudi?

Zheng Qiuan

What is the land route of the silk roads ran from this Han capital to this Mediterranean port?

Chang'an to Antiloch

What was the name of the Christian community that emphasized the human nature of Jesus?


In 476 C.E. the Germanic leader Odivasor brought an end to the end of the western empire when he overthrew what roman emperor?

Romulus Augustulus

Chaos threatened the Roman Empire in mid 5th century when Germanic tribes poured into the empire seeking protection from who?

Atilla the Hun

The prophet who promoted a syncretic blend of Zoroastrian, Christian, and Buddhist elements into a religious faith that would serve a cosmopolitan world.


Who devised the cyrilic alphabet?

Cyril and Methodious

The Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca is known as?


What is the turning point in the rise of Islam?


After the death of Muhammad, political leadership fell to a caliphate by the name of what?

Abu Baker

Who believed that the caliphate should follow the line of ali?


Of all the new crops that spread throughout the Islamic world during all the new trade, which proved to be the most important?


What new industry transmitted to the islamic world from china was introduced during the abasid period?


What is a caravansary?

A roadside inn for caravan trader

In an effort to bring learned students Islamic leaders supported what higher learning institution?

Universities Madrasas

Northern India was dominated through the 12th to the 16th century by what?

Dehli Sultanate

In 1492 on Oct 12th Columbus made landfall on an island that the Tainos natives called?


Who designed the dome in Florence?


In 1500-1800 the largest contingent of migrants to America consisted of what group?

African slaves

The first circumnavigation was completed in 1522 by who?

Magellan's Slave; Henry the Black

The explorer who led 3 expeditions into the pacific in 18th century was who?

James Cook

In the long term, the Columbian exchange led to an economic instability because of what?

Silver Inflation

Where did the outbreak of the bubonic plague begin?


What style of painting is being described? use of linear perspective, choice of themes from Greek and Roman world, creation of individual portraits?


Why was Ibn Batuta able to travel so extensively?

He is a Muslim Judge

Why did Kublai Khan employ Marco Polo in an administrative job?

He is a foreigner, the Khan doesn't trust the Chinese people

What heretical group in the 16th century attacked increasing materialism of European society?


What was the capital of Aztecs?


The influence of Maya on Toltec can be seen in the similarities between Tula and the Mayan city of what?

Chicien Itza

Where did the Hanseatic league trade?

The Baltic

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