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Greek and Roman Art


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Major population of Greece its beginning
Dorians and Ionians
Greek Styles
Archaic, Server, Classical, and Hellenistic
Aesthetic Harmony
Trying to perfect art with the harmonies of the natural order
(Top City) A temple, the center of civic life, commissioned by Pericles in Athens
Two architects that built Acropolis
Kallikrates and Iktions
Use of Acropolis
For the worship of the gods specifically Athena (wisdom)
Greek sculptor who did the ornamentation and sculptures of the temple
Doric Style
Basic design style
Pillars of three parts
1. Capital
2. Frieze
3. Base
The designee of the top of the pillar
Astatic Harmony
The order of the universe based on balance, unity, and proportions
Optical Refinement
Architectural adjustments made to correct illusions
How was this done
Columns curved upward, Columns tilted slightly inward, and columns at corners are closer together
Mathematical approach to designee
(The columns were set 8 by 17) X=2y+1 so 17=2(8)+1