14 terms

Chapter 23 history part 1

6. About what percentage of France's population belonged to the Third Estate?
7. What happened on July 14, Bastille Day?
a mob stormed a prison looking fro gunpowder
8. Which goal was NOT stated in the "slogan of the Revolution"?
9. Which document stated that "men are born free and equal in rights"?
Declaration of the rights of man
10. During the Reign of Terror, who was safe from the guillotine?
No one
11. Which group most strongly embraced the ideals and principles of the Enlightenment?
the bourgeoisie
12. What issue led to the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years?
proposed taxation of the second estate
13. Why did the National Assembly lose the support of many French peasants?
it took away the catholic church's lands and independence
14. Which group imposed the Reign of Terror?
the committee of public safety
15. Which group finally forced Robespierre from power?
his fellow revolutionaries
16. Which of the following is an accurate description of the tax system in France in the years preceding the French Revolution?
the members of the third estate paid almost all of the taxes
17. In what ways did the bourgeoisie differ from other members of the Third Estate?
they believed in enlightenment ideas
18. What issue arose after the king called for the Estates-General to meet?
how many votes each estate would get
19. The Directory was an executive group of ____ men.