CHAP 3- Consumer Behavior

People in this group retain their physical health, but life events (i.e., death of a spouse) have reduced their self-concept and they become withdrawn.
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Approximately what percentage of the U.S. population has a high school degree?87%Which of the following is NOT a reason why the population of the United States has grown steadily since 1960?increasing birth rate for most of the period between 1960 and todayIndividuals born before 1930 belong to which generation?pre-Depression generationWhich of the following is NOT a common single-item index of social class?ageThis segment of mature consumers has accepted their old-age status and has adjusted their lifestyles to reflect reduced physical capabilities and social roles.Frail RecluseWhich term describes consumers' purchase and use of automobiles, homes, yachts, clothes, and so forth primarily to demonstrate their great wealth? Correct!conspicuous consumptionNouveaux riches are most commonly associated with the _____.lower-upper classWhich of the following is true regarding the baby boom market? Correct!Boomers are tech savvy.Harold was born in 1923. He entered young adulthood during World War II, and served in the Navy during that war. He has witnessed radical social, economic, and technological change in his lifetime. To which generation does he belong? Correct!pre-Depression generationIndividuals born between 1977 and 1994 belong to which generation?Generation YOne's position relative to others on one or more dimensions valued by society is known as one's _____.societal rankA hierarchical division of a society into relatively distinct and homogeneous groups with respect to attitudes, values, and lifestyles is known as a class systemWhich generation is both cynical and sophisticated about products, ads, and shopping?Generation XWhich of the following describes a population in terms of its size, distribution, and structure?demographicsPlacing ads in videogames is known as _____.advergamingThe newest generation born after 1994 is referred to as _____.Generation ZErin is 12 years old. Which label is appropriate for Erin?Generation ZIn the Hollingshead Index of Social Position, which is true?occupation is given a higher weight than education_____ deals with the mature market and is based on the theory that people change their outlook on life when they experience major life events such as becoming a grandparent, retiring, losing a spouse, or developing chronic health conditions.Gerontographics