5th Grade Social Studies Unit 2 Term 1


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Anaconda Plan
Union war plan by Winfield Scott, called for blockade of southern coast, capture of Richmond, capture Mississippi R, and to take an army through heart of south
The place where opposing armies engage in combat
blue coats
Union soldiers
A series of actions intended to accomplish a goal
Clara Barton
Nurse during the Civil War; founder of the American Red Cross
Emancipation Proclamation
Issued by abraham lincoln on september 22, 1862 it declared that all slaves in the confederate states would be free
of or relating to the natural features, population, industries, etc. of a region
Gettysburg Address
A 3-minute address by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War (November 19, 1963) at the dedication of a national cemetery on the site of the Battle of Gettysburg
gray coats
Confederate soldiers
home front
The name given to the part of war that was not actively involved in the fighting but which was vital to it.
relating to soldiers, arms, or war
relating to government
Confederate soldiers
A democratic theory that describes the relationship between the few leaders and the many followers.
West of the Mississippi River
great commotion and confusion
Union soldier
Billy Yank
Nickname for average Northern/Union Soldier
Johnny Reb
Nickname for average Southern/Confederate Soldier
Theatre of War
An area in which many battles take place during a war

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