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local weather conditions of an area like temperature, precipitation, humidity, sunshine, wind, and other conditions


A land form that is very high and steep. They usually are wide at the bottom and rise to a narrow peek or ridge

Political Map

A map that shows location and borders of countries, and communities


An area with less than ten inches of rain per year, and a rocky, and sandy surface.


A piece of land nearly surrounded by water or sticking out into the water

Physical Map

A map that shows landforms

Population Growth

The Increase in the number of people in a place due to migration, immigration, or births


Flat or rolling areas of land covered with grass.


North america grasslands


South american Grasslands


A cold, dry region covered with snow for more than half a year, a vast treeless plain where the subsoil is always frozen


A dense tropical forest that receives a great deal of rain all year long


a portion of an ocean or sea partly enclosed by land


a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses


An area of high flat land


An area of low land with mountains or hills on either side. Usually has a river or stream along the base of it.

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