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Scientific Inquiry Quiz

1. Find a problem to solve, a question to answer
Observing the world around you(we use our 5 senses)
2. Research-educate yourself about the problem/question asked
-Library, online, ask someone
-Gather information
-an educated guess on how to solve your problem/answer question
Experiment-to test/try out the hypothesis
-Collect data
Analyze the results
-make sense out of your results
-make data tables and graph
6. Conclusion
- was the problem solved or not?
-was the question answered or not?
-what will you do next?
7. Communicate your results!
-Tell people
Manipulated Variable (Independent Variable)
Factor being tested
Responding Variable (Depentdeat Variable)
The factor not know untill the hypotthosis is tested
Factor(s) not changed in the experiment. What you need to keep the same.
Use to forecast future further events.
Describe+use 5 senses
Measurments(data)+use instrument
Inquiry definition
To Question, a request for information, investigation, to wonder.