Weld Symbols

Page 504
1G -1F
Flat groove - Flat fillet
2G - 2F
Horizontal groove - Horizontal fillet
3G - 3F
Vertical groove - Vertical fillet
4G - 4F
Overhead groove - Overhead fillet
Welding symbols used can include details for:
weld length, depth of penetration, height of reinforcement, groove type, groove dimensions location, process, filler metal, strength, number of welds, weld shape and surface finishing.
Weld type symbol below reference line means
weld is on the arrow side.
Weld type symbol above reference line means
weld is on the other side from the arrow.
Weld type symbol above and below reference line means
welds on both sides of the arrow.
Reference line always drawn
Tail is for
Specification Reference