How did people get rich
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times when workers refuse to work until owners improve conditionsStrikesLabor organizer, known as Mother Jones. She fought for coal workers' rights by speaking in Appalachian mining towns, encouraging them to join unions. She also faught for child labor laws.Mary Harris Jonesan extreme shortage of foodFamineImmigrants who came to America to earn money for a time and then returned to their native landBirds of PassageCame in search of gold but instead were not treated well and ended up working the worst jobsChinese and JapaneseAn immigrant receiving station that opened in 1892, where immigrants were given a medical examination and only allowed in if they were healthyEllis Islandimmigrant processing station that opened in San Francisco Bay in 1910Angel IslandThe ___ has been referred to the melting potUSfavoring the interests of native-born people over foreign-born peopleNativism1882 law that prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborersChinese Exclusion Act_____ segregated Japanese children by putting them in separate schoolsSan Franciscothe growth of citiesurbanizationIs best known for founding Hull House in Chicago.Jane Addamsa party organization that recruits members by dispensing patronagepolitical machineGranting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political supportPatronageIllegal use of political influence for personal gaingraftthe return of a portion of the money received in a sale or contract, often secretly or illegally, in exchange for favorskickbackLeader of the Democratic Tammany Hall, New York political machineBoss TweedWanted civil service jobs government administration to go to the most qualified person and it should not matter what political views they had or who had recommended them.Reformers