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  1. What does Shari'ah promote?
  2. What is the Ka'ba
  3. What is the expression that Muslims repeat during Shadadah?
  4. Define Sunnah
  5. What do beads rugs mosques the qibla muezzins and imans have to do with worship?
  1. a A shrine that Abraham built to honor God.
  2. b "There is no god but God, and Muhammed is the Messenger of god"
  3. c The way of life of the Muslims
  4. d They are holy objects and are sometimes used during praying.
  5. e Obiedience to the Qur'an and respect to others.

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  1. the act of fasting on the month of Ramadan
  2. The lesser jihad is the external struggle against oppresion. The greater jihad is the evil in one self
  3. Allah is the name of the Muslim God
  4. They usually pray at a mosque, however they can pray anywhere
  5. to strive; please God as well as overcoming struggles

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  1. What city do Muslims pray toward?They usually pray at a mosque, however they can pray anywhere


  2. Define Salatalmsgiving - Muhammed taught that the wealthy are meant to share with the poor


  3. Define Hajj and explain what Hajj Promotes.A pilgrimage to Makkah which brings all Muslims together. It promotes fellowship and equality.


  4. How do Muslims treat the book of Qur'anThey treat it as holy, not letting it touch the ground, not letting it get dirty, as well as memorizing phrases from Qur'an


  5. Define Shari'ahthe Islamic law, which is based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah.