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  1. Economic anthropology
  2. consanguineal kin
  3. Polygyny
  4. Sex
  5. STD
  1. a many wives one husband, the practice that allowed men to have more than one wife
  2. b sexually transmitted disease
  3. c biological reproduction and how often it is permitted
  4. d trade
  5. e related by blood

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  1. culturally forced to mate with "own group" (money politics religion)
  2. a form of balanced reciprocity that reinforces trade and social relations among the seafaring Trobriand people, who inhabit a large ring of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea, and other Melanesians
  3. receiving is bad and non-prestigious (competitive gift giving)
  4. a form of exvhange in which goods flow into a central place, where they are sorted, counted, and reallocated
  5. meant to be equal (strangers enemies)

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  1. Negative reciprocitymeant to be equal (strangers enemies)


  2. Redistributiona series of beneficial adjustments of organisms to their environment


  3. Extended familyhousehold made up of a mother, father, and children


  4. Adaptationlots of people die. Level of "society" drops


  5. Agricultureusing mountain sides, floating river