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  1. culture area
  2. household
  3. Potlatch
  4. leveling mechanism
  5. phratry
  1. a a geographic region in which a number of societies followsimilar patterns of life
  2. b a cultural obligation compellling prosperous members of a community to give away goods, jost public feasts, probide free service, or otherwise demonstrate generosity so that no one permanently accumulates significantly more wealth than anyone else
  3. c receiving is bad and non-prestigious (competitive gift giving)
  4. d basic residential unit where economic production, consumption, injeritance, childrearing, and shelter are organized and carried out
  5. e a unilineal descent group composed of at least two clans that supposedly share a common ancestry, whether or not they really do

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  1. culturally forced to mate with outsiders
  2. upward or downward change in one's social class position in a stratified society
  3. socially unacceptable (brother sister) (parent child)
  4. a form of exvhange in which goods flow into a central place, where they are sorted, counted, and reallocated
  5. generating more than needed for survival, specialization of trades, control, power, uneven access

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  1. common interest associationscultures changing over time


  2. Redistributioninherited characteristic that improves an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment


  3. adaptationa series of beneficial adjustments of organisms to their environment


  4. stratificationa society in which pwople are hierarchically divided and renked into social strata, or laters, and do not shar equally in the basic resources that support survival, influence, and prestige.


  5. castebiological reproduction and how often it is permitted