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  1. Agriculture
  2. Matrilocal
  3. Leveling mechanism
  4. Nuclear family
  5. carrying capacity
  1. a using mountain sides, floating river
  2. b the number of people that the available resources can support at a given level of food-getting techniques
  3. c household made up of a mother, father, and children
  4. d in or close by wives parents
  5. e person whom has accumulated wealth feels socially obligated to redistribute wealth, goods

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  1. contract (economic & sexual), cultural solution to a biological problem.
  2. refers to the pattern in which newly married couples set up their own households away from parents family
  3. biological reproduction and how often it is permitted
  4. meant to be equal (strangers enemies)
  5. Creation of a surplus for the express purpose of displaying wealth and giving it away to raise one's status

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  1. exogamyculturally forced to mate with outsiders


  2. Negative reciprocitygoods and services will be returned with some form of trade (not necessarily equally)


  3. endogamyculturally forced to mate with "own group" (money politics religion)


  4. Economicshaving only one spouse at a time


  5. Polygamyhaving only one spouse at a time