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  1. Social mobility
  2. Special purpose money
  3. Patrilocal
  4. Generalized reciprocity
  5. Redistribution
  1. a goods and services will be returned with some form of trade (not necessarily equally)
  2. b the ability of individuals to move from one social standing to another.
  3. c government collects fees and uses them in the "best interest" of the people
  4. d used for extremely valuable goods (cattle wives sorcerers) large or rare objects
  5. e in with or close by grooms parents

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  1. the act of searching for food and provisions
  2. a cultural obligation compellling prosperous members of a community to give away goods, jost public feasts, probide free service, or otherwise demonstrate generosity so that no one permanently accumulates significantly more wealth than anyone else
  3. a society in which everyone has about equal rank, access to , and power of basic resources that support survival, influence, and prestige
  4. decent traced exvlusively through the femal line to establish group membership
  5. in or close by wives parents

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  1. Avunculocala residence pattern inwhich a married couple may choos choose to live with/near husband's or wife's family


  2. patrilinealdecent traced exclusively through the male line to establish group membership


  3. Potlatcha unilineal descent group composed of at least two clans that supposedly share a common ancestry, whether or not they really do


  4. Kula ringthe act of searching for food and provisions


  5. marriagea culturally sanctioned union between two or more peoploe that eztablishes certain rights and obligations between the people