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Who was the French and Indian war between
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What was the Townsend Act?Tax on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea (imported goods)What was the Intolerable Acts?series of measures passed to punish Massachusetts for the Boston tea partyWho were the Patriots?colonists who chose to fight for independence from Great BritainWho were the Loyalists?Colonists who supported Great Britain during the revolutionary warWho said "Give me liberty or give me death"?Patrick HenryWhat was the Olive Branch Petition?Last attempt by the Pats to patch things up with the king. It was rejected and led to the Declaration of IndependenceWho wrote Common Sense?Thomas PaineHow can bias be seen in the Boston Massacre?The difference in the two drawingsWhere was the first battle of the Revolutionary warLexingtonWhom did the Second Continental Congress appoint to be the commander in chief of the Continental Army?George WashingtonThomas Jefferson wrote in the declaration of independence that all men had three basic rightsLife Liberty and the pursuit of happinessBy signing the Declaration of Independence, what crime were the Colonists committingTreason of BritainIn the Declaration of independence, how did Jefferson show that King George was unfit to be kingHe said that all man are created equal while King George didn't believe in that he thought he was the bestWhen Paul Revere obtained word that the British were planning an invasion of Boston, he instantly assembled a plan to alert the countryside. What were the TWO British objectives in their plan?to get info on the sons of liberty and to kill two of the sons of libertyDescribe at least on American strength when the war finally broke out with EnglandFrench allianceDescribe at least one American weakness when the war finally broke out with EnglandLittle money and few people to serve