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HLC 160 Chpt 8 - Lymph Structures

fluid originating in the organs and tissues of the body that is circulated through the lymph vessels
lymph nodes
many small oval structures that filter the lymph received from the lymph vessels - major locations include the cervical region, axillary region, and inguinal region
lymph capillaries
microscopic vessels that draw lymph from the tissues to the lymph vessels
lymph vessels
vessels that receive lymph from the lymph capillaries and circulate it to the lymph nodes
type of lymph vessels
lacteals, chyle
specialized lymph vessels in the small intestine that absorb fat into the bloodstream
a white or pale yellow substance of the lymph that contains fatty substances absorbed by the lacteals
lymph ducts
collecting channels that carry lymph from the lymph nodes to the veins
type of lymph ducts
right lymphatic duct, thoracic duct
right lymphatic duct
receives lymph from the upper-right part of the body
thoracic duct
receives lymph from the left side of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, left arm, and lower extremities